Brunette with layered cut
Hair Styling | Layered hairstyle

Top 5 Most Gorgeous Layered Cuts

The layered look is a timeless hairstyle classic. And no wonder: It creates movement and is incredibly versatile. What are the different variations, and which one is right for you? Discover the most beautiful layered cuts in our gallery

Whether curly or straight, short or long, fine or thick, and with or without bangs; layered cuts are uncomplicated and suitable for all hair types. Layers provide movement, bring weightlessness and structure, and even deliver extra volume to fine hair. The layered cut has a lot going for it. The best part: This is a haircut that you can easily “let go” for several weeks without it losing its shape. Here are three things to consider when it comes to care and styling so that your layered cut delivers:


  •  Bring some volume to the roots
  • Maintain healthy ends
  • Define those layers!

Get volume in your layers

Great volume can be achieved from the outset, when washing your hair. Use special shampoos and conditioners to create volume from the roots down. A volume mousse, worked through towel-dried hair, adds texture and helps with styling.


When blow-drying, place a round barrel brush underneath hair, section by section, and run it through the hair from roots to ends. Tip: If you have medium-length or longer hair and want to flip the ends of the hair out, finish by wrapping the ends of the hair around the brush and rolling upwards and outwards.

How to maintain a layered cut

To keep your layered cut looking polished, it’s important to care for hair from root to tip. Well cared-for ends that define the cut’s different layers make this look. Reach for specialized products or hair oils to treat the tips, as well as the lengths, of your hair. Shampoos, conditioners or hair treatments developed for damaged hair will secure a healthy and shiny finish.

How to style your layered cut

A good layered cut needs definition and accentuated ends. Styling is very important. Hair wax is your perfect styling partner: It will help refine the look without weighing hair down or making it sticky and will also give it a beautiful shine. Those with fine hair should use wax sparingly. Simply rub a small amount of wax between your fingers and work it into the ends to create definition.


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