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Slimming Hairdos

Don’t worry, nobody has to go hungry! Great tips and tricks truly make us look slimmer, for instance with the right clothing. Or with the right hairdo. We reveal hairstyles that are great for making a few pounds disappear, and also tell you about looks you had better stay away from if you want to make a good impression

Okay, so scissors, a brush and hairstyling techniques cannot make excess pounds disappear – but they can hide them. The dieting secret: Style yourself slim! The right haircut can actually make round faces appear visually narrower. Small flaws such as a double chin can even be skilfully concealed with the hairstyle. The best thing about it: A face slimming effect affects the entire silhouette. Manes longer than shoulder length stretch out the face, clear contours in the right place offset curves, a skilfully styled fringe and parting can by visually slimming. Here are the hairdos that flatter your figure.

For photos of the effective hair power diet, visit our gallery:

Gallery: Slimming Hairstyles

What Hairdos are Slimming?

The perfect cut, the right fringe, flattering styling – there are many tricks to easily make a few pounds disappear. Loose hairdos styled to dance around the face and/or visually lengthen it are generally guaranteed to have a slimming effect. One of the leading hairdo cheats is a layered cut with fringes that softly frame the face. It is very flattering for rounder facial shapes. In addition to a corresponding cut, texture and depth can also be created with cleverly positioned streaks. The light and dark effects of streaks can sharpen the contours for a slimming effect.

Basic Rules for Styling Cheats

In general, the following applies: Do not style the hair too severely, close to the skull or falling straight down. Gentle waves that play with depth and soften contours are much better. A mid-length layered cut (shag) with feathery waves is ideal – it slims the face and attracts attention to the hairdo.

Hair up: A high ponytail and high chignon tied at the back of the crown and a beehive à la Amy Winehouse visually lengthen the face. The updo or teased hair makes you taller, lengthening and therefore making you look thinner. A French twist and half-up hair (half bun) is another effective slimming style.

Unfavourable: A straight cut fringe that covers the forehead. Rounded bangs framing the face are better, or a diagonal fringe reaching at least to the cheeks.

The sleek ponytail is another styling taboo for anyone who wants to appear slimmer. A ponytail pulled back tight attracts attention to precisely the part of the face one usually wants to hide: between the cheeks and chin.
Our tip: Wear a loose ponytail in the undone look.

Please also avoid voluminous retro curls in the Hollywood style. They are too opulent and tend to add weight. Short haircuts are not the best choice for full faces either. Those who want to hide a few pounds should go with longer hair – everything from bob to chest length is flattering.

Slimming Hairdos: Dos and Don’ts

Here is a quick overview of the hairdos you can choose and the ones you should avoid if you want to look slimmer:

Do: Layered cut, streaks, soft waves, rounded bangs, diagonal fringe, bob, high ponytail, high chignon, beehive, French twist, half-up hair, mid-length to somewhat longer than shoulder length hair

Don’t: Long, straight hair, retro waves, sleek ponytail, straight fringe, short fringe, short haircut