Hair Styling | Layered hairstyle

Layered Cuts: From Short to Long

Curly or sleek, bob or mane, short or long, fine or thick, with fringe or without: layered cuts are suitable for any hair, not to mention they are really uncomplicated. We present the most appealing layered cuts of celebrities and disclose the best styling tricks

The layered cut is the ideal way to add some extra pep to your hair. Cut feather light or in coarse layers. As a short version in the pixie cut or from earlobe to chin height as a shag. With a frayed fringe or exposed forehead – this look has many aspects and can do even more: it is one of those haircuts you can easily grow out for several weeks (no trimming required) without worrying about an unkempt or scraggly appearance.

There are three things to observe in terms of care and styling for the layered cut to perform as desired: volume at the hairline, healthy ends and defined layers.

Layered Cuts and Volume

Preparation: Washing is the first step for awesome volume. Use special shampoos and rinses that pad the hair at the hairline. Volumising mousse worked into towel-dried hair also helps support styling with added hold.

Finish: for a full but smooth layered cut, apply the round brush under the hair while blow drying and draw it from the hairline to the ends. Blow dry your hair this way strand by strand. If your hair is mid-length or longer and you want the ends to turn outwards, apply the brush to the tips from above in the next step and curl them outwards.

Layered Cuts and Proper Care

For an all-round great look with a layered cut, the hair must be well cared for down to the tips. After all, the hair ends peeking out of the various layers give the look that added something. Frizz is not welcome here. Special tip fluids or hair oils provide relief. Shampoos, rinses and hair treatments developed especially for stressed hair make the hair look smooth and supple. If you are faced with split ends then you hairdresser should trim them. A positive side effect: not only does this make your hair look healthier but also fuller and stronger.   

Layered Cuts and Styling

A good layered cut depends on defined layers and accentuated ends. Styling is therefore very important. One product in particular is highly recommended: hair wax. It helps define the look without weighing down or gumming up the hair. Hair wax also adds a beautiful gloss. This styling helper is perfect for thin hair as well since it adds fullness. Simply rub a small amount of wax between your fingers and then twirl individual ends.

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