Blond woman wearing a curly layered cut
Hair Styling | Layered hairstyle

Layered Haircuts: Care and Styling

Blow-dry, define, maintain: These three basic principles will help you get the best out of your layered hair. We show you how – and reveal which styling aids you need 

Looking for a hairstyle that will give you variety, structure and definition? Then a layered haircut is for you. Layers add both lightness and structure to your hair. There are three things to keep in mind when it comes to care and styling: Volume at the roots, healthy ends and well-defined layers.

How to get big volume in layered hair

Extra volume starts with shampooing. Use a shampoo and conditioner that will boost your hair from the roots. Tip: Before blow-drying, work a tennis ball-sized amount of volume mousse through towel-dried hair. Alternatively, apply a blow-drying spray. Both products add structure and hold, creating an optimal foundation for further styling. 

Close-up of long, blond hair being blow-dried with a round brush.

Use a round brush to create volume in layered hair.

Blow-dry your hair over a round brush, pulling it through hair from the roots to the tips. Dry all your hair like this, section by section. Tip: If you have mid-length or longer hair and want to style the ends flipped outwards, position the brush on top of the tips, rolling it up as you blow-dry.  

For straight, short to mid-length hair, use a flat paddle brush. Brush your hair against the direction of growth, first on the right side, then on the left, then to the front and the back. This will create volume at the roots and make the hair shine, while staying smooth and straight.  

The right care for layered hair

For your haircut to look beautiful, you need to care for your hair right through to the ends. You want glossy tips shining at the ends of the separate layers. Repair ends with nourishing tip treatments or hair oil. Shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments that have been specially developed for damaged hair also ensure a healthy and shiny finish. If you’re not so good at keeping up with regular hair appointments then a layered cut is perfect for you! Leave a layered hairstyle to grow for several weeks and it’ll still hold its shape.  

Styling tips for layered hair

Layered styles are allowed to look a little “undone.” For individual layers in the hair to come into their own, they need definition and accentuated ends. Simply rub a small amount of styling cream or wax between your fingers to tweak individual sections. These styling products help to define your look without weighing hair down or making it stick together. Plus, wax gives hair a beautiful shine. Use wax sparingly on fine hair so as not to weigh it down. 

Extra tip:

Highlights provide the perfect visual definition for a layered cut. Try highlights in two or three nuances to give a three-dimensional effect and add depth to hair.  

Highlights bring out the best in a layered cut.