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Hair Styling | Layered hairstyle

Layered Cuts for Every Hair Length and Type

Whether your hair’s curly or straight, short or long, fine or thick: A layered cut is for you! Check out our gallery of layered styles for inspiration 

Layered haircuts are always in style. Layers bring movement to your hair and make a cut incredibly versatile. Your choice ranges from lightly layered strands to heavily thinned out hair. The right layered cut can make curls more lightweight or add volume to fine hair. Layers will work with any quality, length or texture of hair. It all comes down to the individual layers making up one good haircut. Discover everything you need to know about layers right here.  

Choose a layered cut for your hair type

Those with very fine hair should avoid lengths and ends being too thinned out. Fine, layered hair should be shoulder length at most – any longer and the ends will be too wispy. Go ahead and add some stronger layers at the top of your head – this will provide extra volume. Try “ghost layers” to add fullness to thin hair. The trick: The top layer of hair is cut minimally, while the hair underneath is given concealed layers, thus adding volume to the overall style. Learn more about this special hairdressing technique here. Use styling mousse to give fine hair an additional boost.

Short fine hair looks great when the shortest layers on top are around two inches long, which allows the hair to fall beautifully.

Do you have thick hair? Layers are a perfect way to take some weight out of your overall style. Hair that’s beyond shoulder length can be layered from the ear level to the ends. Layers give tired curls new life and bounce. It’s important that the individual lengths work well together overall, and the curls on top of the head should not be too short – beware the poodle look!

Those with thick hair should ask their hairdresser about the point cut technique. With special, coarsely toothed scissors, layers are cut into each section of hair. This gives softer overall contours and a less blunt cut.

Discover the most beautiful layered cuts for all hair lengths and types in our gallery: