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Fast and Easy: High-Impact Trend Hairstyles

For most of us, morning hairstyling needs to be quick – yet still look good. We introduce some great styles that are fast and easy to recreate!

If we’re honest, few of us actually like to think about our hairstyle in the morning. Long hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail, short hair is shaped up with some styling wax or volumizing powder – and those of us with a bob don’t tend to experiment much. Morning styling should be fast and practical – we’ve got time to be creative for our evening look. But things are about to change! We introduce on-trend styles with “wow” effect that are fast and easy.

How-to instructions: Hairstyles with wow effect

  • Ponytails are an ever-popular choice for those with long hair: They keep hair out of your face, look neat and are fast to create. Try a bubble ponytail: Section out a large part of your upper hair and tie it up with a thin hair tie. Divide another section below it, and secure it to the top section with another hair tie. Continue gathering new sections of hair and affixing them to the ponytail above. To complete the look, wrap hair ties down the length of the ponytail at regular intervals. Gently pluck at the hair between the hair ties to loosen it up, forming “bubbles” of hair – a total eye-catcher!
  • A bun that looks like a bow? Lady Gaga caused a sensation with this look: The “bow bun”. But this style is so easy that you won’t be needing a celebrity hairstylist. Here's how it’s done: Gather your hair into a high ponytail, but only pull it halfway through the hair tie. Divide the resulting loop in half and shape it into the two loops of a bow. Divide the ponytail ends that are still pointing down into two sections. Wrap one section around the hair tie and secure with bobby pins. Wrap the second section around the center of your bow, from bottom to top, and secure with bobby pins. Fix your style with a little hairspray.
one dam image
This bow bun looks like a sweet bow adorned with a flower.
  • Bob with a twist: The bob is beloved because it's quick and easy to jazz up. To get this look, create a center part and divide out a small section of hair on one side. Tightly twist the section back to the end, keeping it close to your head, and secure with a hair tie. Take a section on the other side of your parting and repeat.
    Another way to quickly spice up your bob? With a brightly patterned scarf! Section off the hair on top of your head and tie up. Now, take your scarf and wrap it like a headband around your head, from back to front. Cross the ends twice in front at your forehead, then bring them together at the back and knot together. Finally, release the tied up section of hair, loosen it up and use it to conceal the knotted ends of the headscarf.
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A colorful silk scarf always adds variety to a style.
  • Short hairstyle with headband: Short hair is more versatile than most people think. You can style the hair forwards over your face, back into a quiff, or create a side part: Every time, the effect is completely different. Create even more variety with hair accessories such as headbands and hair clips. If your hair is a little longer on top, take a headband and put it around your head. Now, create a (deep) side part and divide a section of your bangs from the larger side of the part. Wrap this around the headband, from front to back, and tuck under the headband. Continue to wrap all your bangs on this side of your side part back around the headband, section by section. Tuck away any messy ends with bobby pins, and give your style long-lasting hold with a little hairspray. On the other side of the part, you can embellish your hair with a pretty hairclip.