Model with Wet Hair Look
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Wet Hair Look: How to Style the Trend

Attention all Mermaids! The shiny Wet Hair Look is back and it’s as quick and easy to style as ever. Here are the best style variations!

Super wet and super shiny - the Wet Hair Look made its catwalk comeback this season. Whether short and sleek or gelled at the top with natural lengths: The shiny wet hair look is fresh, elegant and sexy – perfect for the hotter months. This straight and shiny hairstyle can be elegant or edgy – ideal for opulent evening events, wild party nights and special occasions.

Wet Hair Look quick and simple

This evening look is pretty foolproof. You’re party ready the moment you step out of the shower. Well, not quite. But almost…

  1. Blow dry hair. Contrary to expectations, this look starts with dry, not wet hair.
  2. Blow dry your hair into the shape you later want to style, to the back or to one side.
  3. Now straighten the hair, keeping it close to the head.
  4. Spread a hazelnut-sized amount of gel, mousse or gel wax between your fingers and rub it into your dry hair. Add more product as needed.
  5. Tip: For a sleek finish, use a fine-toothed comb.
  6. Comb back, set with hairspray and blow dry a little more – done!

The gel hardens and gets super shiny. If you prefer a softer shine and light hold, you can use gel wax (a mix of the two products) instead.

Styling ideas for the Wet Hair Look

Gelled hair that looks like you just came from the pool or beach is a great choice for summer. Your hair will look wet all night, even though it’s dry.

The Wet Hair Look doesn’t just work on long hair, it also works on short ‘dos. If you want to rock a short Wet Look, you can gel it back completely, whereas longer hair is only partly styled with gel. If you decide on a parting, make it precise – ideally with a comb.

These variations of the Wet Hair Look are super stylish:


  • Sleek Short Cut: Blow dry freshly washed, short hair back flat with a brush or comb. Apply hair gel as described above.
  • Sleek Ponytail: Work in gel at the top and pull hair back tightly.
  • Sleek Side Part and Undone Ponytail: Part hair at the sides and pull back only the center section with Wet Look Gel. The rest of the hair remains natural. If you have long hair, tie it together in a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck. 
  • Halfback: Wet straightened or straight hair at the top of the head and pull it back tightly with gel or gel wax. For more hold, set with hairspray. These variations of the  Wet Hair Look can be combed behind the ear or fall over the ears.