Woman with undone wavy hairstyle
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Undone wavy hairstyles: feminine and casual

Classic haircuts: if they’re well cut, they’re easy to style. Under the spotlight this time: undone waves – cool, casual, and beloved of celebs everywhere

Soft waves falling casually around the face, neck and shoulders – the undone wave look is stylish, ultra-feminine and right on trend. If your hair is naturally wavy (1), it’ll be all the easier for you to get the look. After washing it, work some hair oil into the wet ends of the hair and then blow-dry. Use a diffusor as this doesn’t blow the hair around so wildly and leaves the structure of the waves intact.

Sarah Jessica Parker with undone wavy hairstyle

Actor Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair is feminine and elegantly cool, with its soft waves.

How to make straight hair gorgeously wavy

Use fat hair rollers to give straight hair casual undone curls. Roll damp hair onto the rollers up as far as your ears – the style looks more modern if the hair on the top of your head lies flatter and straighter than the rest. Blow-dry and then remove the rollers. Don’t comb the hair but adjust the style with your fingertips. Fix with a few puffs of hair spray and your undone waves are done!