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Tucking in the Long Ends of Hair

Women like to tuck the ends of hair into collars and turtlenecks for a bob-like appearance of their long hair. We show this popular style and discuss its advantages

The ends of long hair can be conveniently tucked into the collars of jackets or coats. Scarfs will also hold the long ends of hair in place. Until now, this 'styling' often happened on cold winter days to keep warm and in general for convenience on busy mornings. We now consider tucked in hair a hairstyle in its own right.

Please enjoy the versions of tucked in long hair in our photo gallery. We show how to style tucked-in hair.

Gallery: Tucked in Hair as 2015 Style

Tucked in hair is the ideal style for long hair because...

...long hair can be styled to look both casual and glamorous.

...the hair looks more voluminous.

...the style requires no styling expertise.

...the style is suitable for women of all ages.

...the appearance of medium length hair is flattering for most women. gives you the opportunity to try out the long bob hairstyle before cutting your hair.

…it gives you the opportunity to wear the imitation of a faux bob now and then. styling accessories like scrunchies, bobby pins or slides are required.

…the style can be created by simply tucking your hair into the collars of turtlenecks, coats or jackets.

Tucking in your hair hides split hair ends and other hair problems. However, it is always a good idea to keep hair looking healthy and vibrant.

Tip: Apply split end lotion to your hair every morning and evening. Apply extra-gloss hairspray to provide extra sparkle when long hair is held at the neckline using scarfs, bands or jewellery.