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Hairstyles 2014: Low Side Parting

Inaccurately parting your hair low on one side and swiping the front hair in a bow across the forehead is the current hairstyle trend. The front hair is held by a slide in school girl fashion or pushed behind the ear. We show you how to style different versions of this style

This trendy styling element fits many hairstyles. Unless the front hair is cut short (for fringes) you can style your hair across the forehead and hold it with a slide or push it behind your ear. Aside from the irregularly styled side parting, all other style elements are variable and adapt to your preferences.  

Hairstyles with Low Side Parting and Front Hair across the Forehead

Trendy Hairstyles with Side Parting

The side-swept front hair and low side partings are part of three different hairstyles

Hairstyle 1: Open undone hair with side-swept front hair, which is held by a hair slide
(see the first photo above the series of three photos):
In this open undone hairstyle, the front hair is styled across the forehead and held using a hair slide at eye level. Alternatively, you may allow the hair to simply merge with the side hair or push it behind your ear. The parting is short and irregular for an undone effect. On the side with the parting, the fringed hair is partially pushed back with only one wide strand falling over the ear.

Hairstyle 2: Undone hairstyle with side-swept front hair and braid (left photo above):
This hairstyle should look slightly tousled. The parting should be inaccurate and the front hair should fall loosely across the forehead. Gather your hair into a loosely held low ponytail allowing a few side strands to escape the arrangement.

Hairstyle 3: Side-swept front hair with a twist (second of the three photos above):
Create a side parting and drape your front hair across the forehead. Give the front hair a couple of twists before securing it on the side or in the back of your head. This will give your hairstyle a romantic note.

Hairstyle 4: Sleek hair with the front hair falling across the forehead (right photo above):
Rub a small amount of hair wax or hair gel between your fingertips. Then use your fingers to drape your front hair across your forehead starting at the side parting and creating separate strands for a pleasing look. Use the same method to straighten the remaining hair. Comb the side hair straight to your scalp. You may like to create a very long side parting all the way to the back of your head for a particularly stylish look.

Tips for Styling the Low Side Parting and Side-Swept Front Hair across the Forehead

A few tricks can help you to style your front hair across your forehead in a stylish way:

1. Create the side parting slightly lower than you would regularly place it. This will change the way your front hair drapes across your forehead.

2. Change the side on which you regularly create the side parting. This change will add bounce to the hair above your forehead. Teasing the front hair will add volume and so will working some volumising powder into your front hair.

3. Use hair wax or gel if you want to accentuate individual strands of hair or if you want to create a wet hairstyle. It is important to feather the hair across the forehead to avoid a helmet-like appearance.

4. Styling products allow you to adapt the styling to your personal preferences. Side partings and side-swept hair across the forehead look good with shiny or matte hair, and there are no limits to styling the rest of your hair. Hair wax, hair gel, and extra-gloss hairspray create exceptional lustre. Use matte paste, salt spray or dry shampoo if you prefer matte hair.