Young woman with shag hairstyle
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The shag: cheeky and charming

Have you ever been persuaded by the hairdresser to try a look and then discovered that it totally doesn’t suit you? Even though it’s soooo hip! Thank goodness for the classics! How about trying the shag, for example?

The shag is a layered cut that lies close to the head – and it’s a real all-rounder. You can wear it whatever length your hair is, from just below the ears to shoulder-length. And another big plus: it works with more or less any hair structure – actually it’s even more stylish with waves or curls, a long side parting or bangs.

How to cut and style the shag

Important for the shag: the hair on the top mustn’t be cut too short. This is a good cut for both thick and fine hair; if you have very thick hair, it should be feathered, otherwise the shag will be too heavy. Styling’s easy: wash, work in some styling mousse, blow-dry with a diffusor – done!