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The Right Haircut for Every Age

Super long locks at 50? Buzz cut at 20? There are so many haircuts to choose from, but which cut looks best at which age – and is stylish and modern, too? We reveal the most beautiful looks

Here’s the thing: Everyone should wear the hairstyle they feel most comfortable with. Nevertheless, there are hairstyles that look better, or worse, depending on the age of those wearing them. What looks hip in your early twenties can make you look like you’re trying too hard in your sixties. We reveal which hairstyle will make you look damn good at any age.

20s: Buzz cut

Lachende Frau mit Buzzcut

Remember Sinead O'Connor's legendary music video for “Nothing Compares 2 U”? Her look inspired the masses. Now this super short crop is back in style. Our thinking: When else should you rock this look, other than in your twenties? The buzz cut takes courage: Hair is shaved to fractions of an inch in length – as short as you dare. The result is impressively brave and looks ultra-sexy and modern. Before you take the plunge, you should definitely get advice from a professional. A good hairdresser can quickly judge if this look is going to suit you. Rule of thumb: The finer your facial features, the more gorgeous a buzz cut will look.

30s: French cut

Woman with French cut

Viva la France! So much great stuff comes out of France: Wine, croissants, cheese, baguettes – and the French cut. A French cut is no longer than chest length, meaning it’s not so girly. It looks especially good with a center parting, soft waves and shorter bangs à la Brigitte Bardot. This gives a cool, nonchalant appearance. Tip: Don’t have natural waves? Create them with rollers, curling irons or straightening irons. Texturizing spray can also bring some dimension to the hair.

40s: Super long


If Heidi Klum can do it … even at forty you can still wear your hair long. Long hair radiates youth and freshness – but, again, it depends on the cut. Just leaving your hair long isn’t going to cut it (pun intended). If you’ve got thick hair, a layered cut is perfect. If you want to put the emphasis on your facial features, add bangs. And for long hair to make a big impact, it should shine with health and beauty. Tip: Regularly apply hair masks and knead a few drops of hair oil into the ends.

50s: Lob

Woman with a lob

At 50, you should say farewell to super lengths. A lob is a perfect temporary solution at this age. The hair ends here at shoulder level, while long bangs can also emphasize facial features. Tip: Blow-dry with a round brush for movement and a modern look. For more hold, fix with hairspray.

60s: Bob

Woman with a bob and glasses

A gray bob looks confident and stylish. This modern look perfectly suits women in their sixties. For more variety, make it sleek and elegant with a flat iron, or create casual waves with a curling iron. This hairstyle also suits straight or side bangs. Frown lines will be duly forgotten ;).