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The Latest Work-Ready Hairstyles: For Every Occasion, Around the Clock

Serious, practical – and stylish: These days, workday hairstyles should be all that and more. Work hair has to withstand all the demands of everyday professional life. We introduce you to business-ready styles that will help you reach your potential: From morning to evening, through a day at the office, in meetings or at events!

Woman with dark hair and ponytail

The low ponytail is a current work look that makes a big impression, yet is easy to style.

In the morning, you have an important meeting with your boss; at midday, a lunch with colleagues – and in the evening you have a date with friends for after-work drinks. In between: A few phone calls and your everyday work, which of course has got to get done. Your perfect companion (in addition to a confident, stylish outfit)? An on-trend hairstyle that lasts from daytime through evening, can easily be fixed up – and looks good. Below, we present six current, cool business hairstyles that meet all requirements.

1) Trend work hairstyle: The low ponytail with a scarf

The low ponytail with a scarf is a current business look that’s as perfect for the office as it is for after-work dates. The great thing about it: As quick as it is to do in the morning, it’s just as quick to tidy up throughout the day. This style looks best with a center parting. Tip: First, secure your low pony with a hair tie, then wrap your scarf around this. This will give better hold. Smooth down flyaways with styling wax to finish.

2) Trend work hairstyle: The half bun

Everyone loves a bun! The latest trendy update to the top knot is the half bun. This super practical, super simple and super stylish updo looks great in the office, too. The style works on long, medium and shorter hair. The upper hair is gathered together above ear level and styled into a mini bun. Tip: Got plans after work? Perfect – transform your half bun into a half ponytail! Make it even more chic: Ensure your hair tie is sitting tight on your head by gently pulling at the ends of your hair with your fingers. Carefully loosen up the hairline. Use hair spray for a glossy finish.

3) Trend work hairstyle: The headband

Woman with bob and waves

A bob or lob is also great for the office.

How about a bit of glamor in the office? Adorn your mane with a chic headband. This is THE hair accessory of the moment. The hottest: Velvet headbands, and those that are embellished with large gemstones. Tip: Create a middle part, then position your headband so that a few strands of hair remain loose in front of the ears. For extra shine: Spritz the lengths of your hair with shine spray.

4) Trend work hairstyle: The long bob with a flip

Got an important appointment or presentation coming up and want to look confident and style-conscious? Then a bob with a flip might be just the right hairstyle for you. This style looks best with a long bob. It’s easy to achieve this hip business hairstyle with a flat iron or a round brush and a hair dryer. Check it out here. Tip: For all day (and evening) hold, finish with hair lacquer.

5) Trend work hairstyle: The French braid

In meetings all day, then going directly to an evening event? Then a French braid is your perfect style companion. This braided hairstyle is long lasting, and it looks serious, confident and stylish. Tip: To make the hair easier to braid, work through some styling mousse after washing. Which French braid will you choose? See our favorites here.

6) Trend work hairstyle: Dutch braids

Woman with headband

Oh-so stylish – and serious too: Headbands also make for a great business look.

Dutch braids are similar to the French braid: This hairstyle is perfect if you need a look that will last the whole day. Compared to the French braid, Dutch braids are a little less serious –if you have an important formal meeting, you’d be better off choosing something less funky. Discover how to easily achieve Dutch braids here.