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Summer Looks: Trendy Styles for All Hair Types

Hot days are coming: head into the new summer season in style with casual beach waves, playful braided hairdos and trendy updos. In the city or at the beach, you will always look great with these summer hairstyles. Presenting holiday hair for all lengths and life situations

Holidays, sun and fun... summer is rightfully considered the best time of the year. Making the enjoyment last requires the right hair look, letting us outshine the sun at open-air festivals, rooftop parties, cocktail evenings and BBQs. Hairdos that look great, are easy to style and work with hair of any length are ideal. No such thing, you say? You bet there is! We prove the point with our top 3:

Beach Waves

Summer looks
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Less is more: beach waves make your hair look entirely natural

Fresh from the beach: normally beach waves in hair are created by a combination of sun, salt and a light ocean breeze. The streaked, wavy look is highly popular since it is ultra-casual and lends a new texture to hair in a snap. You can enjoy the popular beach waves even if you spend summer in the city and not by the ocean:  Simply spray the (towel) dry hair with a special texturing salt spray, knead well and allow to dry. Here a long mane is by no means a must. The surfer style also works very well with mid-length and short cuts.

Double Chignon

Summer looks
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Hair up: really turn up the summer heat with this hair knot duo

High humidity and sweaty temperatures can make the well-kempt look and volume of freshly washed hair fleeting. But rather than letting bad hair moments spoil your mood: head up! Or rather: hair up! Take advantage of the time until your next washing when your hair has good grip, making it ideal for an updo. Don’t hesitate to do something unusual. It’s summertime! Try the double chignon for midsummer hair: One top knot is not enough for trendsetters and party girls when two chignons on the crown make for even more styling fun. You prefer trendy but a little less eccentric? Then tie the dual chignons low at the back of the neck. This makes the hip new hairstyle downright elegant.

Tip: Dry shampoo is a great way to freshen up when your hairline is too oily.

Messy Half-Back

Summer Look
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Feminine but not too girlish: modern women love the informal half-back

Take it easy – bring it back: half-back hair is super fast to style! Not only is it uncomplicated, this popular hairdo is also really trendy. The messy version is ideal for summer. Precisely because it isn’t perfect. A few strands are twirled, a few fall out loosely. That makes the look appear relaxed, romantic and delicate all rolled into one. Style the half-back with a centre parting and apply powder to the top hair for the right texture. This style is variable: it can be braided rather than twirled, or decorated with hair clips. Your new favourite hairdo can always be adapted to fit your styling and the occasion.