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Beautiful Hairstyles with Side Parting

The prominent element of the 2015 hairstyles for women is the side parting. Side partings can enhance sleek, curly or wavy hairstyles; they also fit ponytails, side-swept styles, beach waves or messy blunt haircuts. Asymmetrically placed partings are an eye-catching part of today’s hairstyles. Changing the placement of a parting from the middle to the side makes a big difference in appearance

The appeal of the side partings is that they can be adapted to the overall styling. The same applies to the accuracy of the created parting line. Many modern hairstyles involve side partings. The middle parting is often perceived as 'the brave looking cousin' of the side parting. By contrast, side partings are more conducive to today’s creative hair styling.

Got curious? In our gallery, we show a few of the many beautiful hairstyles with side parting.

Gallery: Appealing Hairstyles with Side Parting

Hair Falling Across the Forehead Starting at the Side Parting

Side Parting
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Allowing your front hair to fall across your forehead is particularly easy after first creating a side parting. Side partings work well with sleek or messy hair

If you would like to try out whether fringes would suit your facial shape and your style you may want to start with a sleek or messy hairstyle with your hair casually sloping across your forehead from a trendy side parting to the opposite side. Of course, this works equally well for wet or naturally looking hairstyles (see the photos on the left) or even combined with an edgy ponytail.

Styling tip: Draping hair across your forehead requires bobby pins or slides, which hold the long front hair on the side opposite the side parting. You may want to consider a low side parting for extra style.