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Trendy Look: Short Fringe, Long Hair

Opposites attract – a successful concept that also works in hair! A short fringe with a long mane is gaining popularity among trendsetters. We reveal who can wear this popular look, what counts for cutting and styling, and how to present this hairdo to best advantage

More than just a good match: Some maintain an ongoing relationship and stay true to it for years, others separate from it again quickly or avoid an affair in the first place. The fringe splits the hair nation. We plead for short hair over the forehead – since we believe the benefits of the fringe hairdo clearly outweigh the drawbacks.

Pro Fringe Hairdo:

  • A bit of a (fringe) trim can really change your look – without losing your regular hair length.
  • The fringe makes the entire hairdo appear softer and more voluminous.
  • Chiselled features are softened by a fringe.
  • The fringe can also hide a high forehead and compensate for a long chin.
  • It is ideal to bring out your eyes and cheekbones.
  • Wrinkles forming on your forehead? A fringe cleverly conceals them and makes you look younger.

What could speak against a fringe? OK, there are two points we cannot deny: For perfect bangs and a well-kempt look, you have to trim more often and style more frequently – which means planning a bit of extra time for hair styling, blow drying and so forth. But it’s not as bad as all that. With our tricks you become a fringe pro and will not want to go back...

Presenting The Trendy New Fringe Length: Soft Shorty

Short fringe, long hair

Short fringe and long hair make a great team! Suitable styling partner: Striking eyebrows

Right now the soft version of the micro-fringe is our favourite length. Not too short, and definitely not too long: A clear space between the eyebrows and ends of the fringe is good. Accentuating the eyebrows is popular. The fringe is cut rounded on the sides so the transition to the long hair is flowing and the edges blend smoothly. Apropos long mane: This is mandatory for the popular fringe trend. 'Opposites attract' is the motto. The hair must be at least shoulder length and styled in the undone look. This is the contrast of the hour!

Who Looks Best With The Soft Shorty?

In general, the following applies: The fringe is made for oblong faces or a high forehead. But with the right tips, an appropriate cut and corresponding styling, any woman can become a pioneer. A somewhat longer, frayed cut for the micro-fringe is recommended with round faces, while a bit shorter and softer is better for angular features. Watch out if your forehead is very low – a short fringe could appear oppressive and throw the proportions out of balance.

What Hair Texture Is Suitable For The Short Fringe?

Straight hair is the best choice when you choose to cut the fringe short. But a combination of long waves and fringe has its charm as well – and you can always reach for the straightening iron to create the sleek chic look.

When Is It Better To Avoid The Short Fringe?

If you have tight natural curls or frizzy hair, we advise you to stay away from this crisp look. A fringe hairdo may not work well with a highly defined cowlick either. It makes the fringe very difficult to tame. Please note: The cowlick always wins!

How Do You Style The Short Fringe?

Short fringe with short hair is a statement look but demands an accurately styled mane. Too much effort. In the long hair version you can be more casual. Or even go wild! The undone style is in demand to do justice to the casual ethno-look that is so popular right now. Naturally the fringe can be part of that and look just as tousled. Use a bit of dry shampoo for the required fullness and grip, especially with fine fringe hair!