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Short Unisex Hairstyles for Women and Men

The 2015 short hairstyles are certainly unique. Sassy styling elements, wild curls, large quiffs, and waves with vibrant swing add life to layered, very short hair. Women and men look classy wearing these modern hairstyles. Enjoy the creativity of 2015 pixie styles

Tousled curls, modern blunt-cut hair and minimalistic military haircuts are the expressive new hairstyles in 2015. Modern short haircuts are certainly not short of imagination. Playful diversity is the key in 2015 hair styling.

Layered short hair (see the photo above) can be styled into simple yet impressive hairstyles showing both energy and attitude. These modern short hairstyles can also enhance the professional images of both men and women. Distinctive facial features stand out even more if framed by short hair and expressive waves or quiffs. Sassy looking men or women look sassier with nonchalantly tousled hair or fringed layers of hair. Men may cut their side hair a smidgeon shorter than women. However, the rule is that there are no rules for 2015 hairstyles.

We hope to fuel your creativity with our photo gallery of short 2015 hairstyles for men and women.

Gallery: Short 2015 Hairstyles

Short Modern Hairstyles: Matte versus Shiny

Do you prefer wearing matte and messy or sleek and shiny hair? In 2015, you have to answer this question only until the next shampoo. Be an individual! Right is what you like.

In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach shows how to turn your short hair into a shiny head of hair.

Video: From Damaged Mop to Shiny Head of Hair