Woman with blonde buzz cut hairtstyle
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Super trend: buzz cut

Bored with your hairstyle? Do you want a completely new look? If you’re ready to take the plunge and chop off all your locks, we’ve got just the style for you. The buzz cut: find out what it is and who it suits

Who dares generally wins – and almost always when it comes to hairstyles. It’s true, you’ve got to have guts to go for the buzz. But this stylish cut is more than just a trend: it’s a message, a statement. It says, “Hey, look at me, I know what I want!” And another plus: in comparison with other short styles like the bob, the buzz cut doesn’t need any styling in the morning. After washing, simply apply a mini portion of texture gel or styling mousse to your hair to get the hedgehog look. Then blow dry. Done. 

Would short hair suit me?

Of course, most women ask themselves this before they make the decision to go radical. Short hair frames the face and puts it in focus; it sharpens contours. So the buzz cut particularly suits women with fine, delicate features. What makes this style special is the intriguing contrast of a boyish cut with a feminine face.
An extreme haircut particularly flatters women with oval faces. Don’t try it if your face is square as it emphasizes angular shapes. The same applies if you have a high forehead – try something instead like a long bob with bangs, to hide your forehead.

A slightly softer alternative

If you want something different but find the buzz daunting, how about a really short version of the pixie cut? With this one, the hair on top of the head stays quite long and only the sides are very short. But remember: the longer the pixie, the longer it takes to style, so this cut is a bit higher maintenance than the buzz.

A Schwarzkopf professional hairdresser can help you make this bold move! Our experts will advise you whether an extremely short cut will suit you. Use our Salon Finder to locate one near to you.