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Comeback: Hairstyles of the 1990s

Feel like a little nostalgia? The nineties look is back and can also be seen in various hairstyles. Sometimes it's the colours, other times it's the styling – take a look back with us and transport the nineties look into the here and now!

We are celebrating the 1990s hair revival. The hairstyles of the techno decade and Gameboy generation are now popular once again. Today's trendsetters are wearing the looks of the decade with style. Crimped hair, garish acid colours, twisted hair, scrunchies, slicked-back hair … still can't warm to the styles of the nineties? Then take a look at what the update involves, because the remastered hairstyles of the nineties have real potential to be the in thing!

1990s Hairstyles: Straight Down the Middle

When people talk about nineties haircuts, the 'Nick Carter style' is mentioned without fail. The striking, gelled mid-length centre parting look worn by the Backstreet Boys favourite was copied by millions, but later only derided. Now the hairstyle is back in vogue. Women with long hair are also using the centre parting style as a template, now with a highly modern twist, featuring a plait tied tightly at the neck. Heads up, girls: you should definitely tuck the hair behind your ears! Actress Kate Bosworth (above picture) shows us how it's done and stylishly wears the throwback ponytail with a close-fitting (tattoo) chain – another fashion relic of the 1990s that is once again causing a sensation today.

1990s Hairstyles: Feeling Blue

1990s Hairstyles

A real child of the nineties: Nanna Øland Fabricius wears dyed blue hair with a baseball cap back to front

Loud and colourful! Two typical features of the nineties have been revived. Those who go for that special look – like Nanna Øland Fabricius – will love the highlight hair. The Danish singer (Oh Land) dyes her naturally brown hair all colours of the rainbow. In this latest trend revival, blue is particularly hip right now. This is probably also because everything blue is currently in demand – at the Pantone Color Institute bluish nuances such as Niagara, Airy Blue and Serenity are among this year's favourites. And a clear link to the nineties is also discernible: we only need to recall the hype surrounding the small troll dolls with the crazy hair; they were an absolute 1990s must-have. How the blue look works today: styled undone, but soignée, with light waves and – really stylish – a micropony.

1990s Hairstyles: Girl(ie) Power

1990s Hairstyles

Topknot with girlie highlights: Kate Hudson travels back in time to hair of the past and returns with a modern nineties hairstyle

Typically nineties: the girlie highlights. Kate Hudson transports the playful look into the here and now and combines the highlights let down at the front (make sure there is only one on each side!) with a topknot. Naturally the actress has not opted for the tied-up bun by chance – it is the modern response to the twisted snail bun of the nineties. Back then, people generally wore their hair with two or more rolled-in mini buns. This croissant-like style was especially popular on the techno scene (keyword: DJ Marusha!). We are sticking with the single version à la Kate Hudson, which looks more mature and elegant.