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New York Fashion Week 2011: Must-Have Fashion

The New York Fashion Week 2011 displayed the new must-have fashion for fall and winter 2011. It is elegant, puristic and sophisticated with cosmopolitan flair


You are going to love cold weather after seeing Paul Melgoza’s collection for Luca Luca. The matching hat is going to work well on bad hair days

US First Lady Michelle Obama loves the creations of the Indian designer Naeem Khan. He was one of the last designers to present his creations at the New York Fashion Week. Fashion show visitors awaited his designs with much excitement and were spell-bound by his opulent, elegant and richly embroidered gowns.

For a week famous designers and their up and coming competitors displayed the new must-have fashion for the coming fall and winter. The new fashion is delightfully colourful. In the fashion world, the candy red, canary yellow and grass green creations of the Victoria Beckham collection find quite a bit of earnest appreciation, just to name an example. The ethnic Oriental patterns of the designer Mara Hoffman were also greeted with excitement. The style of the creations by US designers like Donna Karan and Kalvin Klein were minimalistic like always. The US designers preferred delicate pastel colours and skin tones. Fur is still very popular. Michael Kors dyed his fur creations in flamboyant flashy colours like for example bright orange. In contrast, Oscar de la Renta, Helen Yarmak and Donna Karan left their fur creations as nature intended them to look.

There were mostly three hair styles, namely the plain sleek look with very shiny hair, geometric and sometimes rather androgynous (unisex) haircuts and updos, which could not be piled up any higher. We show you the most beautiful looks as shown at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

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