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Hairstyle Focus: Mid-Length Haircuts

Mid-length hair is currently all the rage. Neither too long nor too short, the mid-length mane is proving especially practical, stylish and versatile. Among the mid-length cuts is the shoulder touch, one of our trendy looks for 2016. We present this and other mid-length hair hits

Short or long is not something to worry about in the near future. Mid-length is now the measure of all things – especially for our hair. What does that look like? You alone decide with your choice of haircut. Depending on how and where the stylist uses the scissors, your look can be edgy, elegant or also extravagant. And depending on how you style your hairdo, you can create any look you want. Today the romantic, tomorrow the athleisure fan (= the chic, sporty look for everyday wear – comprised of athletic and leisure)...

Its wonderful ability to change is a clear advantage of the mid-length cut. Not to mention that you can find the right look for any type and every taste. The time has come to go halfway – we present today's most beautiful mid-length hairstyles.

Mid-Length Haircuts