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Trendy Matte Hairstyles

It used to be an unwritten law that hair had to be shiny. This is no longer the case. Women are discovering the special beauty of matte hair. We show you the new matte hairstyles for your inspiration. The style is casual, natural, and maybe a bit messy but always cool

Along with many other 'rules', the old rules about hair go out by the window. No longer must hair be long and carefully groomed, and it does not have to be shiny any more either. Change is the very nature of fashion. Modern women like to wear shorter hair, do not spend a lot of time on elaborate hairdos, and are about to embrace matte hair as an expression of their style.

Argentine model Candela Novembre (see the photo above) shows the appeal of matte hair. She styled her hair into a lob (lob is short for long bob) with a hint at beach waves. Her thick medium-blonde hair shows no shine.

The Advantages of Wearing Matte Hair

Matte hairdos are supposed to give the impression of casual nonchalance. You hair should look natural as if you had paid no attention to it at all or at the most, twirled, braided or put it up as an afterthought. This fits right into the current undone hairstyle trend. The lacking lustre in the hair puts all emphasis on the complexion. Extravagant makeup such as smokey eyes and expressive lipstick provide eye-catching contrast with the plain hair styling.

How to Style Matte Hair

Matte hair still needs shape and structure, which can be easily produced using suitable hair products:

Creating matte hair using matte paste: 

Matte paste is the perfect solution if you want only part of your hair to look matte. You can use the paste to define strands of your hair without making your hair feel sticky. The paste also helps to create straight and short hairstyles with matte hair.

Styling: Distribute a small amount of paste between your fingers and work the paste through your hair or individual strands of hair.

Creating matte hair using volumising powder:

Use volumising powder to create the matte style and increase the hair volume at the same time. The hair will look matte and it will be very manageable for the creation of wild curls or updos.

Styling: Distribute the volumising powder near the roots and/or through the ends of your hair using the tips of your fingers. You don’t have to brush out the volumising powder.

Creating matte hair using dry shampoo:
Dry shampoo also creates volume and a matte appearance. It can be easily sprayed into your hair as alternative to a regular shampoo. This comes in handy when there is little time for hair care.

Styling: Spray short blasts of dry shampoo into your hair and allow it to work in your hair for two to three minutes. Then use your fingers or a towel to massage the dry shampoo through you hair. Finally brush the dry shampoo out of your hair and style it.

We hope the hairdos for matte hair in our gallery inspire your hairstyle choices.

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