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Long Fringes Are Back in Style

Bloggers like to wear their fringes long these days. The look is cool and also saves on haircuts

Wearing fringes is very popular among bloggers. Classic fringes usually do not extend beyond the eyebrows. Today's fashionable blogger however allows the fringes to grow quite a bit longer (and a little wilder). The advantages are quite obvious. Classic fringes just hang over the forehead. Long fringes on the other hand allow for more playful variation. The ends of long fringes may be swept to the side or show some waves. Whether or not you use your round brush on your fringes is entirely up to your fashion sense. Anything goes! This saves time and money. There is no need to trim long fringes as often as the classic ones, which had to be trimmed at least once every three to four weeks.

Long Fringes Are a Blog Trend

The US American blogger Ashley Ording ('Fancy Fine') loves to wear the cool fashionable fringes. Ashley knows how to spice up the days of her fans with delightful fashion and beauty finds from the middle of the last century. This preference explains why she models her style after actresses like Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Marianne Faithfull. The blogger regularly works as a model. Since she was able to win many admirers with her blog, she has recently opened a small online shop for vintage fashion via the etsy portal. Ashley sells part of her stashed fashion items in her online store.

Bloggers wear long fringes

Blogger Laura's long fringes reach about half-way across her eyes. These are the classic fringes, yet they still look trendy and cool. Multi-talented Kathleen wears her hair open and with long fringes, which reach past the eyebrows. Her hair style perfectly matches her bohemian looks. We also like the big hat

Californian student, fashion expert and blogger Kathleen Murillo from 'Inspirafashion' loves her long fringes (bangs for Californians). "My style is sweet and feminine yet also a bit fancy and eccentric", explains the 20-year old. Kathleen likes to look to "all those girls out there in the streets" for inspiration. Also a main source of inspiration is actress Mary Kate Olsen. Kathleen’s fashion tip for women who wear long fringes is "Wear hats." Cool are especially large floppy hats in 1970s style and the classical trilbys with the ends of the fringes peeking out from underneath the rim.

Long Fringes Are Romantic and Playful

Dutch photographer and fashion blogger Laura Gommans from 'The World Looks Red' does not want to part with her long fringes. We are not surprised. Romantic playful fringes soften the facial contours and add contrast to the now trendy fashion from the 1950s. Thanks to her unerring fashion sense, the 22-year old is always perfectly dressed. Her penchant for fashion is obvious. With her advanced sense of style, Laura knows when to reach for the mille fleur dress and when to wear a white smock dress with fur coat or her ladylike polka dot dress. Whatever she wears, the now trendy long fringes are always part of her style.


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