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Leopard Skin and Wild Hairstyles

Are you wearing the camouflage of tigers, leopards or other wild animals? If so, join our safari into the world of hairstyles with the allure of the wild. Animal skin prints attract attention whether they cover your entire outfit or just an accent piece or accessory. We show you how your hairstyle can reflect and enhance your choice of big cat coat pattern

The camouflage of big cats in wild grasslands has the opposite effect in the streets and at home. In fashion, the beauty of the leopard skin is the all-important consideration. The patterns certainly catch the eye and feed the imagination. The spots or stripes of big cats have inspired fashion designers for a long time, and it seems that the textile patterns are here to stay. If you like the leopard pattern it is time to go on the prowl – for a suitable hairstyle that is.

Right away, undone hairstyles come to mind (see the photo above). We picked up the trail to find safari-type hairstyles. A styling tutorial is included at the end of this page.

We hope you enjoy the leopard-inspired hairdos in our gallery:

Gallery: Leopard Print Fashion with Big Cat Hairstyles

Leopard Coat and Pompon Hat and Leopard Print Headwear

Leopard Print Fashion and Hairstyles

Let your creativity go wild! Models for Marc Cain show off leopard-skin patterned headwear

Leopard skin patterns are also seen on hats, caps, and scarfs. Quite often, they contribute significantly to the fashion style or add interest.

Left photo: The Italian fashion label presents this cosy leopard print down jacket. The contrasting black pompom hat continues the homey style.

Centre: Same label, different style! In this outfit, the loosely tied head scarf shows the leopard skin pattern.

Right photo: Marc Cain is no stranger to playful designs. The far-out top-hat on this model’s head features the leopard skin print along with a pink flower. Let’s have some fun!

Hairstyles: Marc Cain uses leopard skin patterns wherever possible. The matching hairstyles are always undone.

In his video tutorial, Armin Morbach shows how to create undone hairstyles:

Video: How to Style the Undone Hairstyles of Stars