Model with hygge hair hairstyle
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The new trend that's straight from Denmark: hygge hair

Have you heard about the least complicated trend of the year? Everyone's talking about "hygge" hair, the Danish trend that's more gloriously relaxed than any other. Find out what it is and what it looks like

The word "hygge" means "comfort" in Danish. It describes the relaxed Scandinavian lifestyle that's currently a huge trend in the areas of home furnishings and fashion – and now hair, too.
Hygge hair has everything going for it to become our absolute favorite hair trend of 2017. Because nothing else can comes close to how easy it is to style. Bloggers like Pernille Teisbaek have shown how cool this trend is: it suits young women particularly well whose style is rather Scandinavian – a mix of clean, straight lines and trendy items of clothing. But unless you work in a creative or arty industry, you probably shouldn't wear this to the office: in the wrong context it could look too casual.

What hygge hair looks like

When it comes to hygge hair color, the more natural, the better. Nothing could be further from the heart of this trend than regular coloring. What's perfect are highlights which bring out your natural color but don't need constant touching up. The most natural-looking results come from the balayage (2) coloring technique. Is your hair color growing out? Perfect! You'll look as though you've been naturally sunkissed and are therefore exactly right for the "hygge" trend. Get the color retouched only when you want, and not because your roots tell you to. Pretty cool, right?

How to style hygge hair

The keyword when it comes to styling hygge hair is "natural." You can happily forget complicated styling tools with this trend. All you have to do is make sure your hair's well cared for because although it may look unstyled, it mustn't look unkempt. When you wash your hair, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and pamper the ends once or twice a week with a hair cure. To get the perfect look, let your hair dry naturally, no need to blowdry. Tip: to get light waves, braid your wet hair and undo the braid once it's dry. And if you decide you don't want to wear your hygge hair loose, simply roll it up into a casual top knot.