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Hairstyles and Hair Colour Trends for 2014/2015 from Milan

2014 Milan Fashion Week was absolutely amazing with its wearable hair trends that leave us wanting more. This stylish intermezzo won us over with its fresh colours, playful textures and classy ease. We present the trends that you must keep an eye on

At the end of February, a special event was held in Milan. Milan Fashion Week took over the city, and everything on the catwalk became an absolute must fashion-wise. However, clothes alone were not the main focus of observers, but also the trends in hair styling and hair colour.

Hairstyle Trends for 2014/2015: Styling and Hair Colour

Hairstyles at 2014 Milan Fashion Week fuel the imagination while keeping with its traditions. In short: they are wearable, but not boring. Small braided plaits highlighting the classy sleek look, a very low side parting with loosely attached ponytail and hair accessories, for example, in the form of a hat, make 2014/2015 a real eye-catching year.

The hair colour of the year is definitely more noticeable. Platinum blond dominates the colour cosmos and positively attracts attention.

Hairstyle Trend for 2014/2015: the Low Side Parting

The low side parting à la Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the most important hairstyles for 2014

The most popular trend at the Milan Fashion Week is clearly the low side parting. Strong, loose, open, straight, wavy, short or long—there are no limits to the styling possibilities of this new favourite hairstyle.

You will find more hairstyles and hair colour trends in our gallery.

Hairstyles and Hair Colour Trends for 2014/2015