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2014 Designer Hairstyle Choices

Openness to change appears to be the unifying feature of the up and coming 2014 hairstyle trends. This is not an expression of ambivalence or indecision but rather an assertion of individual choice. Small wonder then that in all likelihood, classic hairstyles will peacefully co-exist with the kind of hairstyles, which make the philosophers among us smile and serious people have their conniptions. There is a chance that 2014 will see all this

We have a pretty good idea what the prevailing hairstyles will be in 2014. No, we are not clairvoyant, but we did have a close look at fashion shows in the last months. A few lasting trends are clearly visible on the catwalks.

You will not be alone if your heart is set on keeping one of the 2013 hairstyles for a while longer. Many of the 2013 hairstyle elements are here to stay through 2014. However, there are also new hairstyles from retro to never seen before styles. Wearing some of the 2014 hairstyles may take the courage to exercise your freedom not to run with the crowd. At any rate, whether a hairstyle is attractive or not is in the eye of the beholder. Clearly, there will be a place for playful fashionistas and for people who prefer classic styles. Let's play!

2014 Hairstyles – Playful Co-existence of Styles

2014 Hairstyles

As early as in autumn of 2013, fashion designers offered their take on what may or may not become a trend in 2014

We report to you what projections the fashion designers made for hairstyles in 2014. There certainly is no trend among designers to decide on well-defined hair colours or specific styling to go with their 2014 fashions. Platinum blonde is just as popular with designers as brown shades. Their models wear naturally looking hairstyles as often as they experiment with the wet look, blunt cuts, and fringes. In the dawn of 2014, all these hair fashion statements appeal.

See whether you like some of the emerging 2014 hairstyle trends.

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