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Hair Feathers Taking Off Now

Adorning oneself with borrowed plumes is still frowned upon but putting romantic feathers in your hair is not only acceptable but it is the hottest hair trend this summer. We love this new fashion. It can hardly be overlooked how well this simple feather hair fashion matches our cherished hippie outfits. The fashion is still more endearing because everybody can model this simple fashion into her very own style at home

Fashionable Hair Feathers by Gucci

The models showing off this summer's hair fashion by Gucci stylist Luigi Murenu wore feathers in their hair

Fashion writers all over the globe were spell-bound when Frida Giannini, creative director for the legendary fashion house of Gucci, introduced her fall/winter collection 2011/2012 during the Milan Fashion Week. They fell all over themselves with enthusiasm while turning out accolades like "such great patterns!" and "Ah, those inimitable fabrics!". Once again, the 39-year old designer had apparently outdone herself. Still, another star in the glittering fashion world was still to make a major splash at this event. This star is the equally famous Gucci hair stylist Luigi Murenu. On the catwalk, his models wore classical ponytails and colourful feathers in their hair. How much of a wow-response did he earn for this hair fashion? Echoes of the applause are still reverberating!

After the Milan Fashion Week, hair fashions now also feature bird’s plumage. We are not at all surprised that hair feathers are all the rage. They are such a perfect fit for the currently hot hippie look with maxi dresses, nonchalant floppy hats and flowing manes. The new hair fashion is simple and quick to style and requires only the smallest budget. You may consider taking a trip to the hobby shop where you will probably find quite an assortment of feathers. The choice of colour is yours. If your current style calls for very colourful accessories you should reach for feathers in strong, blazing colours, which contrast with the colour of your hair. Feathers in subdued shades like black, white or brown create the opposite, more natural style. The only rule is that there are no rules in this hair fashion. Whatever you like is the fashion of your day.

Stars and starlets also love to adorn their hair with feathers. We have searched for the most beautiful feathery looks on the red carpets of the fashion world. See what we have found for you.

Stars Love to Put Feathers in their Hair


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