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Golden Globe Awards 2011: Glamorous Hair Styles for You

Of course, the annual Golden Globe Awards are also about movies and there are awards. However, watching the red-carpet events is a feast for the eyes of its own. What are the stars wearing? Most importantly, who takes the prize for a really great hair style? We show you our four favourite 2011 looks and for your very own great entrance we tell you step by step how you can create all that glamour at home

Glamourous Looks
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Glamourous Looks

Isn’t it great! We get to sit in front of the boob tube wearing our most comfy grunge outfits while watching the Hollywood crowd all done up and in their Sunday best. Finally, glamour is in again and the stars dressed up for the 68th Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. Glamour is the style of the hour for gowns, suits, jewellery or hair styles. The classic look is all the rage but it must present itself with modern elements. That’s Hollywood at its best! We introduce to you our favourite looks. Invite your best girlfriend over to help you create the new looks.

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