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Floral Wreath in the Hair

Summer brides, festival fairies and holiday hippies are transforming their hair into flowery playing fields. Nature’s most beautiful adornment is not only enchanting in trees and fields, it also makes our hairdos blossom. Made of delicate buds or luscious blooms – floral wreaths top just about any look! We present flourishing ideas for do-it-yourself styles

Roses are red, violets are blue... And one thing we can tell you: With flowers you are right on cue! But we don’t mean as a bouquet (in the vase) or on fabric (of clothing), but on the head. Enough rhyming, let’s get to the point: The daisy, gerbera and other blooms really make hair blossom. Colourful flowers as accessories freshen up any hairdo. And since we like to present ourselves in full bloom, the best way to decorate our head is with a full floral wreath! How to wear it? From open hippie hair to a fragrant braided style – earn the greatest compliments with these looks.

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Florescence: Hairstyles with Floral Wreath

DIY: Do-it-Yourself Floral Wreath

You do not necessarily have to go to a florist for the blossoms of your dreams. We reveal an easy way to create your own floral wreath. It is sure to work even without a green thumb!

What you need: Wire, florist tape, wire shears, some filler (such as baby’s breath or branches) and your favourite flowers. Natural or artificial? Choose fabric blossoms that appear genuine if you want your hair accessory to last a while.

  • Step 1: Wrap the wire once around your head to measure the correct length. Cut the corresponding piece with the wire shears and then knot the ends.

  • Step 2: Wrap florist tape around the wire ring. This not only looks better but also makes the crown more comfortable to wear.

  • Step 3: To attach the flowers to the wreath, cut another piece of wire that should be longer than the first wire circle.

  • Step 4: Now come the flowers. By the way, a length of about 6 cm is ideal for this project. Simply lay the stem of the first flower against the wreath and add a bit of greenery. Wrap the wire around both to secure it on the ring. Repeat this step with more flowers until the wreath is complete. Simply cut off the excess wire in the end. 

Another tip: If you don’t want it all that flowery, only put blossoms on half the wreath and wrap a pretty, colourful ribbon around the rest of the wire. By the way: A discarded hair band can also serve as the base for the floral arrangement. You want an even bigger wow effect? For the final touch, carefully apply hairspray to the blossoms and then add a touch of glitter.