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Asymmetry and the 2011 Emo Hair Style

Emo hair styles have taken over the scene by storm. After only a short time, emo is now an established style. We are not surprised! The asymmetric hair styles are versatile and most importantly, they are fun. We let you know what the newest emo trends are and help you find your individual emo look. Don’t forget, emo hair styles are for men and women!

The 2011 emo hair styles are modern and at the same time playful and reminiscent of rock 'n' roll. The emo style originated in the hard-core punk music culture. ('Emo' is short for emotional and stands for strong involvement like anger, grief, desperation or love.) The look has come a long way from extreme marginal style to mainstream fashion. Stars like Adam Lambert acted as the trailblazers for this style. ‘Emo’ no longer just describes a musical style but has evolved into a fashion phenomenon with elements from the gothic and pop punk scene.  

The secret of the emo fashion success lies in part in its diverse nature. Skull and crossbones motifs peacefully coexist with almost cute rock-n roll styles. The female emo style embraces extreme contrasts like colourful hair strands and patterns in clear basic hair colours like black or light blonde or the contrast between doleful and almost girlish elements. Usually, men stay with only one hair colour, preferentially black.

How to Adopt the 2011 Emo Hair Style

Male as well as female haircuts are asymmetrical whether the hair is long or short. Asymmetrical fringes and steps are the distinguishing features of this hair style. The fringes (bangs) asymmetrically cover one side of the forehead and one eye. For men's haircuts we recommend long fringes and hair that ends in the nape of the neck. You can also add fringes to the crown of your head and use gel to shape them.  

Curls and waves are taboo for the emo hair style. As a proponent of the emo style you will therefore soon be master of the flat iron. Other very useful tools in the emo arsenal are heat protectants, the blow-dryer, styling mousse, gel and hair spray.

Her and His Emo Hair Styles


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