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Don’t Cut The Front: The Star Haircut

Pretty edgy: celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian are currently making the cut with asymmetrical hair. Long in front, short in back – the cut of the hour looks fantastic in all lengths. Our hair cutting word of honour!

When stars choose a new haircut, a trend is usually born. And usually, those who want to follow their hair role model have to choose between a cool short cut or a romantic long mane. Not any more – because the current star style of the hour offers both. No either or, but a mix of short and long! Don’t cut the front is the cut that updates the popular long bob, with longer hair in the front that gets asymmetrically shorter towards the back of the neck. Model Chrissy Teigen popularised the look this season with the hashtag #Dontcutthefront – and many others are following suit, or shall we say making the cut!

Don’t Cut The Front: The Cut

With the don’t cut the front style, the cut is the bottom line! As indicated by the name, the hair is cut longer in the front than in the back, with a flowing transition. Note that the hair is not layered, but that the ends are cut blunt and slanted. That really brings out the trendy look! The hair does not have to be lob-length as with Chrissy Teigen’s don’t cut the front original – for chin-length, shoulder-length or extra-long hair, the cut with star appeal makes hair of any length look modern. The best thing about it: with the don’t cut the front look, all of the leading hairstyles (braided looks, top knots, updos) continue to be possible.

Don’t Cut The Front: The Styling

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Jennifer Lawrence wears the don’t cut the front trend in a blonde bob

Not only is the trendy haircut super popular, it is also great for styling: a clear line is its main aspect, gentle waves the recipe for success! Chrissy Teigen (photo above) and Jennifer Lawrence (photo to the left) are the best examples. Model Chrissy Teigen wears the don’t cut the front look in a slightly messy version with braided (attention: trend detail!) side parting. Actress Jennifer Lawrence shines with the straight, sleek version including centre parting.

#dontcutthefront: Decide for yourself how to style your new cut – undone or sleek. Both are sure to succeed with Armin Morbach’s how-to help:

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