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Designer-Selected 2013 Hairstyles

Get ready to embark on an excursion into high fashion and beauty. We are going on a virtual tour to New York, London, Milan and Paris! Don’t put any limits on your imagination. Learning from the masters will not cost you a dime. The idea is to fire up your own creativity. Your style may never be the same again. For your inspiration we show you hairstyle highlights from this year’s Fashion Weeks. Here is your itinerary: The Fashion Weeks take place from February to March in the fashion metropolis New York, London Milan, and Paris. Designers show looks for the 2013/2014 fall and winter seasons

While we focus on wearable hairstyles for home, work, and play rather than on way-out hairstyles with mega volume and eccentric haircuts, we did not want you to miss this braided work of art. We discovered these cornrow-style braids backstage in the Threeasfour quarters. The opulent braids look like linked chains, which surprisingly end in a plain ponytail. You may like to try this look with French braids first.

On the left: Braiding in cornrow style shown by Threeasfour in New York

2013 Hairstyles Seen on the Catwalks of New York, London, Milan, and Paris

Travellers are open for discoveries and intense experiences. Breaking away from routines inspires and fuels creative thoughts; impressions turn into ideas. We certainly saw no shortage of new ideas on the catwalks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Just a little twist or a nifty idea can turn plain hairstyles into delightfully interesting new creations. The ends of the hair are no longer tucked under the chignon. The ponytail is fanned out; teased hair over the forehead is combined with a braided ponytail. In our gallery, we show beautiful hairstyles for everyday wear, which appealed to us on the catwalks of this year’s Fashion Weeks.

Gallery: Designer-Selected 2013 Hairstyles