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Business Hairstyles: Score Points at Work

Whether bob, bun, or ponytail – these hairstyle classics are great for the office, enabling you to get down to business. Hairstyles that look feminine and elegant exude professionalism and competence at work. We reveal which looks work best on the job

The best haircut for work? The perennial favorites are the bob or a shoulder-length cut. Tiered at the neck, with bangs a la pageboy cut, or in a long bob variant: A bob is stylish, yet timeless. Short cuts must be kept perfectly groomed. Otherwise, they can look neglected – and that’s not a quality you want to be displaying at work!

As soon as hair reaches past your shoulders, it’s best to tie it back into a ponytail or other updo so it doesn’t constantly fall in your face and eyes. Pushing your hair back all the time can make you seem distracted – what’s more, it gets annoying for you. Who wants to be constantly brushing their hair out of their face?

The bun and ponytail are the most popular work styles. Worn high or low, sleek or curly, simple or braided, in the middle or at the side: Securely fixed with hair spray, these hairstyles are made for the office. Best of all, switching up these looks with a little variety is easy (think: Braided sections), and even small changes can make for an entirely new style.

Work hairstyles: Less is more

When selecting a work style, there are a few things to consider – especially in more traditional jobs. Experimental, extravagant styling won’t work – keep that for the dance floor, not your desk. Also, avoid hairstyles that require lots of gel, hair lacquer or wax, as these can look stiff and unstylish.

Playful looks should also be avoided. After all, you want to be seen as a serious and confident business partner. Considering a color that’s a little out there? These work best in creative professions. In all other occupations, it’s best to get the OK before you color.

Business Hairstyles: Score Points at Work