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Bobby Pins: The Trendy Hair Accessory

Trend in sight! Bobby pins stop playing hide-and-seek: Rather than merely serving as invisible styling aids, fine clips are now boldly announcing themselves as hair accessories. The handy clips are gracing the most beautiful hairstyles like pieces of jewellery: From the accented ponytail to the dramatic updo

Good old hair clips. Everyone knows them, everyone has them. Usually they lead a lonely existence under the hair, concealed deep in the hairstyle. Those times are gone: We welcome bobby pins in public – gold, silver, black or even in neon colours, the metal clips are now being used as accessories making a statement as small works of art. In our hairstyle gallery, we reveal how you can use the simple clips for the greatest possible effect.

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Clipping Correctly – The Right Way to Use Bobby Pins

1. Most people do it wrong, sliding bobby pins into the hair with the smooth side down. Yet the wavy side is the right one so the clips adapt better to the shape of the head.

2. For individual strands or to clip back the fringe, proceed as follows: Insert the clip (ideally a short one) from above or below, then turn it and slide it into the strand in the opposite direction.

3. If you have thick hair or lots of it and want to create an updo, there is a trick for optimum hold: insert two long pins into the hairstyle crosswise or from above and below.

4. Only use clips protected by plastic on the ends. Otherwise the sharp edges can easily damage your hair and scalp.

5. For extra hold, apply hairspray to the pins before inserting them.