Young brunette woman with boho-style soft waves and feathered bangs
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Best of Boho: Our Top 3 Favorite Hairstyles

Fringing, colors, flower power: Part of the current 1970s revival, the bohemian look is celebrating a cool comeback. The dreamily casual seventies style is beautifully feminine, above all else. We reveal which hairstyles complement the hot hippie-chic look

A lifestyle-turned-fashion-style: The boho look has its origins in the subculture of Bohemia – a bunch of creative and easy-going free spirits who openly rejected social conventions in the 19th century. In the wild 1970s, their values enjoyed a revival, with the hippie decade heavily influenced by the boho look. The must-haves: Flowing fabrics, bright colors and casual silhouettes. Today, this seventies revival style is a mainstay of the festival circuit, where the boho look is super hip. Boho outfits ooze independence and nonchalance. Boho hairstyles also have a certain something about them. They’re feminine, casual and so modern (again!) – and seen at every festival. We love this look! Here are the three most beautiful boho hairstyles:

Boho Style: Wrapped up in cool

Festival-goer with boho-style blond waves, sunglasses and a colorful silk scarf in her hair

Beautifully bound: Lush silk scarves perfectly complement long, wavy hippie hair.

Long, casual locks are a key part of the seventies look. And today, just like back then, the preferred way to wear long, beautiful hippie hair is undone, often combined with a center part and soft waves. Trendsetters are adorning their heads with THE accessory of the seventies: The headscarf, worn knotted around the head like a half turban – a look that will score you major boho style points. Fine fabrics like silk add a sophisticated edge and carry the look straight into the top fashion league. But that's not all: It’s also an ideal way to get through bad hair days.

Boho Style: Fringe benefits

Long bangs = boho vibes, guaranteed

Seventies style is all about fringes, fringes, fringes: Even in your hair! That’s right: Bangs. Heavy, long bangs that reach just past the eyebrows are high in demand on the hairstyle charts once again. Whether blow dried under, or styled off to either side, long boho bangs are hot. Paired with long hair, the look is classic and feminine. Prefer extravagant, super modern styling? Wear big bangs with mid-length hair. Important: Boho hair should never be styled sleek. Always keep a few loose waves in your hair for a look that’s beautifully undone.

Boho Style: Charlie’s Angel

Young woman wearing sunglasses with honey-blond, mid-length hair in 70s boho style

Sexy and yet angelic: The feathered, high volume look is a tribute to style icons of the seventies.

Hair à la Farrah Fawcett: The style icon of the seventies found fame in the cult TV show “Charlie’s Angels” – and her hairdo is still the most famous blow wave of all time! The hallmark of the celestial glamor mane? Major volume and endless layers, which are mostly flicked outwards, and hair that’s shoulder length or longer. Today, a much softer version rules the trend: Big volume remains, but the look is much more natural and lightweight. Overall, the hair is gently wavy, with fine layers – a hip swingy shag or a fringed layered cut in shorter hair both provide an ideal basis for this look.