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Fashion Week Berlin 2011: The Most Beautiful Hair Styles of the Stars and Models

People snickered when the Berlin Fashion Week was still in its infancy. Meanwhile, the show is well established as part of the international fashion circuit. Between the 19th and 22nd of January designers demonstrated the new wardrobe essentials for the coming fall and winter. The showcased looks and hair styles are certainly intriguing

Hair Trends as Seen on Catwalks

Hair creations are often viewed with a twinkle in one eye. Clearly, hair style designers exaggerate just a little to get attention. Still, the hair styles seen on the catwalks initiate new trends, which the rest of us will soon wearin more practical versions. The three current trends are updos, very straight hair and a lot of it. Trendy are hair styles with crimped, curly or kinky hair.
Read on, we are making it our business to let you know how well the stars and their beautiful hair fared at this year’s Berlin Fashion Week.

Star Watch: The Fashion Statements of the Stars at the Berlin Fashion Week