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Bandana-Rama: Hairstyles with Bandana Wrap

Today’s bandanas are square scarfs with traditional paisley prints. About 200 years ago, bandanas were squares of cloth with woven images of presidents and special moments in time. Currently, they are in demand as hair accessories. We show three of many cool hairstyles with bandana hairbands  

Bandanas are certainly no passing fancy. They never disappeared from the necks of cowboys and cowgirls, and they are still used as give-aways in political campaigns. They are also fancied by men and women as fashion statements and to show allegiance to groups. Bandanas are mostly wrapped around the neck or head. Blogger Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) also wears them wrapped around her wrist. Pop star Rihanna use bandanas for a long time. Bandanas have come a long way in their long history. 

Interesting Data on Bandanas

The word bandana originates with the Hindi word bāṅdhnū for bound cloth. The standard size is 60 x 60 cm (or 24 x 24’’). While the first bandanas showed pictures of important persons (the first bandana displayed Commander of the Continental Army George Washington on horseback), today’s bandanas are known for their paisley prints. The colourful squares served endless purposes. They were mostly used as head scarfs, headbands and neck scarfs. They were also knotted into pouches for all kinds of items, which people like to carry around. Bandanas never really disappeared. They were as much in demand in the 1800s and 1990s as they are now. Cherished collector’s items like bandanas invite creativity. Bandanas are folded in many artful ways. You can find a wealth of folding instructions on the web. Many hairstyles can be held in place or accessorized with bandanas. We show three trendy hairstyles with bandanas. 

Folding and Tying Bandanas for Trendy Hairstyles

Hair Bandana

Candice Swanepoel

Standard Version: The bandana is used as headband. The carefully folded bandana is wrapped around the head and tied in the back. This style is popular with hippies, rock fans and bikers. Headbands work with open flowing hair and updos. Our favourite bandana hairstyle includes an almost 3’’ wide bandana tied around long wavy hair with middle parting. Tip: The corners of the folded bandana should point toward the forehead.

On the left: Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel shows the classic yet cool way of wearing a bandana

The Classic Version: The bandana folds are only a little wider than one inch if bandanas are used as headbands. Today bandana hairbands are used to create 1950s or 1990s flair. The texture and colour of the bandana sets extra accents. Hairstyles with bandana headbands are a perfect choice for festivals, vacations or sport activities. Creative women tie head bandanas in front and knot the corners into a bow.

Hair Bandana

Brianna Falcon

Bandana Art: Folded bandanas can also be braided into the hair to create particularly interesting and colourful effects. You may want to use several bandanas in your favourite colour combinations and knot them together before braiding or twisting them into your hair. There is no end to the colour combinations and styles you can create.

On the left: Model Brianna Falcon inserted bandanas into her traditional plaits