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2013 Hairstyle Trends

No matter what fashion metropolis is in the limelight at the time – New York, London or Milan – they are always hotbeds of new style trends. Many of these trends take the world by storm. Catwalk styles inspire bloggers, stars, us and all who are interested in new styles. We like to share with you images of our favourite hairstyle finds for the 2013 spring/summer season as shown in Milan Fashion Week shows

Naturally, fashion takes centre stage in fashion shows. However, hairstyle and make-up are very close runners-up and at times quite likely steal the show. After all, only in combination fashion, hairstyle and make-up add up to the elusive quality called style. Still, hairstyles are our first interest and our eyes therefore quite quickly move to the hairdos for a long close look. Spell-bound we watch and wonder whether we can warm up to the new hairstyles.

2013 Hairstyle Trends as Seen in Milan

We liked what we saw in Milan. Actually, we liked it very much! The up and coming hair fashion shows new ideas while also offering up makeovers of the classics. The hairstyles shown by the models for Byblos Milano really caught our fancy (see the photos in our gallery). The hair of the models is parted in the middle and braided close to the parting on both sides to ear level. The parallel braids are neatly secured using a thin wisp of hair. The remaining long hair is allowed to flow freely over the back.

The soft braid creations by Jo No Fui, the natural mock bob version introduced by Kristina Ti and the half back look (or partially gelled back look) featured by Krizia appealed to us very much. We also can't wait to try out the Gucci chignon version with the slightly fanned out chignon. You may also like the hairstyle shown by Gabriele Colangelo. Her models use gel to sleek back a wide strands of hair on the crown the head; the sleeked back strand of hair is secured with two crossed bobby pins.

In our gallery, we show you photos of all these hairstyles and explain how you can style them.

Gallery: 2013 Hairstyles as Introduced in Milan