5 Men's hair trends 2018
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These men's hairstyles are on trend in 2018

In 2017, ultra-short hair was the way to go for men, but 2018 is all about long hair. If you prefer it short, go for  a short cut with soft layers. We'll tell you which hairstyles are on trend for men in 2018

Men's hair trend 1: Fringed men's cut 2018

2018 men's hair with fringe

An undone style fringe – as seen at Ermenegildo Zegna – looks casual and cool.

Chin length or short hair with a fringe is on trend for 2018. Have it cut short at the back and layered towards the top. Tousle it as much as you like, with the fringe reaching as far as the tip of your nose. The extra long fringe makes it much more versatile to style. You can slick it back, blow dry it into a quiff, or wear it draped across your face. Blow dry against the grain for a tousled look. Tip: Use matt paste to style individual strands into shape.

Men's trend 2: Trend hair “Shag”

The “Shag” hair with rockstar attitude – like on the catwalk at Paul Smith.

Try a look with 60s-style medium-length hair. The “Shag” is an ideal cut for fine hair. A long, shaggy fringe and easy layers lend it a feathery structure. Think young Mick Jagger. This cool Men's style is perfect for straight, fine hair, which perfectly carries the feathery styling of the shag. The “Shag” also brings out the best in tousled curls. Style with salt spray in wet hair and blow dry. Sweep the layers out around your face. Don't use a brush, but your fingers to shape your hair.  

Men's hair trend 3: Trend hair colour Blonde

Men's hair trend colour Blonde

Blonde covering hair is also a men's hair trend for 2018. As seen at Dolce & Gabbana.

Get a new colour to go with that trendy new cut in 2018. Adventurous men aren't afraid to dye. Bleached blonde covering hair and Frosted Tips are on trend. Your hair needs to be longer on top than at the back and sides. Dye the longer covering hair blonde, but not the roots. You can let the fringe fall forward into your face or blow dry it into a quiff. For Frosted Tips – as the name suggests – bleach only the tips. Go for a subtle transition between colours.  

Men's trend 4: Bro Flow

2018 Men's hair Bro Flow

The 2018 Bro Flow works as a shorter version, as this look on the Fendi catwalk proves.

The Bro Flow with medium length hair has been on trend for a while. As the name suggests, the hair “flows” in this cool look. Style inspiration comes from stars like Bradley Cooper. The “Hangover“ actor combs his cool locks back and tucks them behind his ears just so. In 2018, you can also wear the Bro Flow short, so get to the salon and start snipping. For this cut, the fringe should reach at least to the nose. The hair gets shorter towards the sides, with soft transitions. The ears are left free. This trending men's cut is perfect for natural curls and soft, naturally wavy hair. But beware: Full hair is a must. The Bro Flow is also an ideal transition cut, when you're growing out your hair. For the perfect Bro Flow styling, blow dry hair back. Spread mattifying styling cream in the top layers of your hair with your fingers. 

Men's trend 5: Surfer-Look

2018 men's hair Surfer Look

The perfect look for modern surfers – seen here at Dolce & Gabbana.

The modern Surfer Look is an equally cool choice that really brings out the best in medium length hair. For this masculine style, grow your hair to chin length and get a layered Men Bob cut. Tip: To make it look like you just emerged from the ocean, spritz salt spray into the lengths. Blow dry or allow to air dry. Knead or twirl individual strands with wax.