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Six Style Versions Based on One Short Haircut for Men

Short haircuts do not necessarily lock guys into a single hairstyle. Our models show different hairstyle versions, which all start with the same short haircut. Some hairstyles include styling hair into or across the forehead and some of our models wear beards. Even hair colour changes are no longer taboo for men

Are you not quite satisfied with the way your hair looks? It may be time for change. Who knows, a little hairstyle experimentation may help you show your real image. In any case, trying out new styles is fun. We suggest some of the many styling changes, which do not require cutting your hair.

Gallery: Styling Options for a Short Haircut for Men

Styling Options for Men with Short Hair

Habits are comforting. There will be no surprises. Even the hairstyle is exactly as it was last week and all the weeks before. The face in the mirror is still the same and the hair is cut and styled in an orderly fashion. How familiar, how comforting – and how boring!

It is time to relegate the old and familiar to the past and bring some excitement back to everything including the hairstyle. See how far you can go. In case you feel like going overboard at least once before it is too late, there are ways to do it in measured steps rather than in leaps and bounds. Short hairstyles allow for drastic and not so drastic changes without a new haircut. Change is good!

Start by modifying your existing hairstyle. You may want to incorporate one of your styling ideas. Combing your hair forward or sideways are two options with countless variations. Parting hair in different places is another easy way to change your look. Once your family and friends are used to seeing you wearing different hairstyles every now and then, you may be ready for the big splash like colouring your hair - or maybe only parts of it for a start. Use all available styling tools to change between matte and shiny, straight and curly hair. Such styling tools are hair gel, matte paste, comb, brush, and your fingers. The courage to experiment comes with many rewards like increasing confidence. Most of all, there is quite a bit of fun to be had for embracing change (even if platinum blonde hair is out of your range).