Man with man bun hairstyle and glasses
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The new man bun

Man bun style update: now worn looking effortlessly “undone” and renamed the “messy man bun.” Quick and easy to style

The cool man bun – which many women find extremely attractive – had its great breakthrough two years ago and seems set for fame. No great surprise: very few trend hairstyles are this quick and easy. All you need is long hair (at least chin length to make a decent bun) and an elastic hair band.

Man bun update: the messy bun

Most wearers have so far opted for one of two variations: a sleek bun or a half bun, preferably combined with an undercut. The new style variation is the messy bun, characterized by its laid-back, undone look. Instead of being neatly pulled up at the back of the head, this hairstyle is loosely fastened so the bun looks as though it’s almost accidental.

This style is easiest if the hair is slightly wavy and textured. After washing, work in a volume powder or a hazelnut-sized amount of volume styling mousse and blow dry your hair upside down. Then stay upside down and fasten the bun without thinking too much about what you’re doing. Loosen the hair at the roots so the bun sits loosely. With this style, it’s fine if the ends of the hair poke out of the band.