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Make Waves: The Quiff

Pure rock ‘n’ roll for your hair: The quiff is a true rock star among men's haircuts – a perennially cool look available in a variety of shapes and styles. We reveal the most popular quiffs.

Few men’s hairstyles are as classic and timeless as the quiff. Elvis, John Travolta or James Dean – they all had one! Even today, this sweeping hairstyle can be spotted on many cool heads. Why? The quiff is a hairstyle for real men! It’s becoming a cool standard cut at popular men’s barber shops, where classic cuts rule over all.


The quiff can be shaped and styled in a variety of ways. It’s got to fit your face shape. If you have a rounder face, style your quiff high and edgy to add masculinity. Got a longer, more angular face? Keep your quiff shorter to visually shorten your face. Read on to discover all you need to keep in mind when considering different styles of quiff.

The undercut quiff

One very modern spin on the quiff is the undercut quiff. This style is notable for its hard graduation between the longer upper hair and the shorter sides and back, where the hair should be no more than an inch long. You can demarcate the top from the back and sides with a parting – but this is optional.


Here, the quiff is created by combing hair back sideways. To get even more volume, blast your hair with a hair dryer in the right direction before styling. This will help you get it where you want it to be, and build body and structure into your style.

The classic quiff

Unlike more modern quiffs, the classic quiff is characterized by a little more length at the back and sides. The length of the back is up to you, but it must be shorter than the top. A clean, sharp hairline is essential, as is a smooth gradient between the longer top and the shorter sides. Also key: Sides should be about two inches longs. Bring it all into shape with some pomade or wax.

The rockabilly quiff

This iconic quiff style peaked during the 1940s and 1950s – and has been making comebacks ever since. The “greaser” quiff conjures up images rockers and bad boys, always giving the wearer a little bit of a rebellious edge.


Ideally, this rockabilly style should feature hair on top that can reach your nose – enough to create that big quiff. You decide whether you want a parting, or if you just want to comb your hair back over the side. Recommended: A very strong hold styling product.

The messy quiff

Let’s get messed up! The messy quiff is the perfect hairstyle for unconventional guys. Volume is key here – you want your messy quiff to really stand tall. To bring it into shape, blow-dry thoroughly after shampooing and then add some volume powder. Then using a little pomade, start styling – sideways and upwards! Spritz with a bit of hairspray to finish, and your messy quiff is ready to roll.

The short quiff

This elegant take on the quiff is an ideal choice for work and fancy parties – and it also suits everyday life. Its advantages: It’s easy to care for, and easy to style. Since the upper hair is already pretty short, the sides and back should be around a tenth of an inch. This style is especially great for men who want to soften the impact of a widow’s peak.

The curly quiff

Quiffs are for curly haired guys, too: You’ve already got the necessary volume, you just need to tame it with a little styling product after blow-drying. The sides and the back should be short to get the quiff look. Keep the top moderate in length so that your natural curls can be more easily controlled.