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Modern Long Hairstyles for Men

Today, men wearing creative long hairstyles attract admiring looks rather than criticism. Among the popular long hairstyles in 2015 are gelled back styles, undercuts, Rasta hairstyles and messy chignons. We show you some of these styles!

Long hairstyles are popular among men in 2015. Some of these styles are sophisticated others are very creative but all of them are cool.

You may find your new long hairstyle for guys in our photo gallery:

Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hairstyles are still something special for men. They signal readiness to make unique individual choices even if it means to break old European standards. Today, men with long hair have more choices than ever. Men no longer need permission to adopt their own unique styles, including hairstyles.

The long hair styled back with the help of gel (see the left of the first two photos) is both charming and elegant. The styling is easy and suits all occasions.

Styling instructions:
Cover your fingertips with a small amount of hair gel; then use your fingers to apply the gel to your towel-dry hair from the roots all the way to the ends. Comb your hair for a particularly smooth style. 

The undercut with braid (see the right of the first two photos) is certainly a unique choice for men with long hair. The beard forms an interesting contrast with the structured hairstyle.