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Hairstyles for Men: Surfer Style

Beach waves are not only trendy among women, this casual holiday style is popular among men as well! Learn how to bring the Beach Boys' added coolness to the city, and how the surfer style works in hair of any length

What defines the surfer style? The tanned skin? A colourful Hawaiian shirt? The board? Seaman's yarns. In truth it is all about the hair – whipped into its characteristic form by sun, wind and salt water. Beach waves perfectly reflect the casualness and lifestyle of the beach boys. Men are bringing it from the beach to the city – surfer hair with the slightly wave structure is highly popular. It is also absolutely suitable for everyday wear, simple and quick to style – holiday feeling included. 

The Typical Surfer Hairstyle

Naturalness is the key to the simple beach look. Surfer hair knows no severe parting, sharp-edged shaving or correctly brushed styling like the comb-over. This relaxed hairstyle is created solely by an ocean breeze and salt water. This gives the hair its perfect (soft) waves, with a grippy texture and the matt look. The hair also bleaches the hair slightly, naturally lightening the lengths and tips.

You want that too, but there is no beach in sight? No problem. With the right styling know-how, you can also have it in the city. We present the coolest do-it-yourself surfer styles.

The Surfer Style for Men's Hair