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Hairstyle Classics: What is a Façon Cut?

There are many great classic hairstyles for men – and the façon cut is one of them. We explain what makes this style, and which men this short haircut will suit 

At the moment there is probably no other men’s haircut which we encounter more often than the façon cut. On TV, on the street or on Instagram: This classic cut is everywhere. And rightly so! After all, this flowing look suits men of all ages. Another plus of this short cut: It offers a lot of freedom, as various versions are possible.

What distinguishes the façon cut?

Young man with façon cut

Façon cut features: Longer upper hair, shorter sides.

The façon is a “fade” hairstyle. This means that the hair is the shortest in the contours of the neck and on the sides, gradually becoming longer up to the top of the head. The natural growth of the hair is taken into account and unevenness is skillfully compensated for. The length of the sides is graduated up to the longest hair on top of the head.

There is a variation of the façon cut to suit almost every head shape. The exact graduation of short-to-long depends on how subtle or marked you want it and where the lines of the sides and back of the head end. Edgy and cool: A harder transition with an undercut. In a softer length graduation, the hairdresser should pay attention to clean-cut contours tapering to the neck.

How to style the façon cut

When styling, you can be experimental: Whether the upper layer of hair is styled upwards, to the side or in a messy “out-of-bed” look. You decide! Anyone going for the pompadour look should pay attention to volume. Tip: Volume powder applied at the roots can work wonders.

For those men who already have voluminous hair, simply blow dry hair after washing and style with gel or pomade until you reach the desired shape.

Which men can wear the façon cut?

Man in suit with a façon cut

Style the longer section messy for a casual cool look.

The façon cut is indeed a classic, but has also established itself as a street style favorite in recent years. It suits trend-conscious men who prefer a modern, classic style – and because of its simple styling, it’s perfect for everyday wear. Depending on how the cut is styled, it can also be less classic, more cool. Discuss with your hairdresser which variation suits you.