Hair Styling | Hairstyle trends for men

Highly Popular: Chignon for Men

The new twist for guys: Men’s long hair gets all tied up with the chignon, making the jump to the top of the hairstyling leagues! Relaxed and casual, with sleek chic or lusty and wild: The hairstyle trend is not going to cool guys’ heads but on top of them. The best chignons for men

The man bun is one of the hottest trends! More and more men are letting their hair grow longer. But since they do not want to wear their long mane open all the time, styles that hold the hair together are in demand. Currently at the top of the popularity scale: the chignon. Women have been wearing the top knot for quite some time already. Now more and more men are twisting their hair into a chignon as well. While it was initially smiled at, the cool knot is entirely socially acceptable today thanks to stars, hipsters and role models in sports. Modern men have no reservations about supposedly feminine hairstyles and unisex looks. Why should they? After all, the chignon was already worn by brave Samurai warriors – hard to get any more manly than that! Those who want to add an extra touch of masculinity simply wear a three-day or full beard with the binding trend style. Then all you will hear is: What a man!  
The top knot is not only a top trend, but super practical as well: Elaborately blow-drying and styling men’s long hair is eliminated. More time for the finer things in life. All it takes for the casual look is a hair elastic and a few simple steps. So simple, so stylish. Styling the chignon is extremely versatile: Smoothly and accurately combed with a suit, loosely tied with jeans and a T-shirt or ultramodern as a rock star half-bun with a leather jacket and boots – the hair knot is a new twist!

Chignon for Men: Half-bun

The half bun attracts – and is currently one of the hippest hairstyles for men. If features the trend knot while maintaining the long hair look.

It’s that simple: Use your hands to separate the top hair (down to the ears) and, at the back of the head, either tie it into a smooth loop or twist a messy chignon. Then secure it with a hair elastic – ideally in the hair colour!

Chignon for Men: Sleek Style

A real gentleman: The chignon for men presents itself from its refined side in the sleek style.

Before tying it back, simply comb the hair strictly back while working gel into it. It is best to tie the sleek knot at the nape of the neck, making it appear especially elegant. This hairstyle promises success in combination with a well-fitting suit. Purist, classy and incredibly modern.

Chignon for Men: Top Knot

A top style: Loosely tied at the top of the head, the man bun presents itself as a casual all-rounder that crowns simply any style with coolness.

Trademark: A slightly undone look, which means the hair does not have to be perfectly styled. An extra portion of volume helps the top knot stand up for a long time. In order to accomplish this, massage some mousse into damp hair or volume powder into dry hair before tying it up. Striking.