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The Best Business Hairstyles for Men

Successful, serious and perfectly styled! We'll tell you which haircut will get the best reception at work, and give you the styling tips you need for your ideal business hairstyle

Professional men need the right skills, the right suit – and the right hairstyle. A well-groomed haircut can convey youth, agility and seriousness at work – while experimental hairdos can signal just the opposite. Discover here which hairstyle will help you stylishly climb that career ladder.

Business hairstyle 1: Crew cut

A crew cut sees hair at the sides and back of the head shorn short, while the upper hair stays longer. Depending on the structure of the hair, this can be styled with a small amount of styling product, such as gel or wax. In contrast to the buzz cut where the upper hair also falls victim to the clippers, the crew cut is 100% ready to do business.
The crew cut’s cooler cousin is the “High and tight”: The upper hair is between half-to-one inch long, while the sides are shorn very short. The short sides mean both versions particularly flatter men with an oval face shape.

Business hairstyle 2: Façon cut

The façon cut, also known as the classic taper or fade cut, is above all one thing: Timeless! This look is characterized by the right balance between refinement and versatility. It also stands for good taste and sophistication. When cutting, the hair on the sides is cut short, the upper hair remains long, while the sides cleanly fade from short at the neck, to long up top.

In a standard tapered haircut, the upper hair can be up to about two inches long. Style with a parting for an even classier look.

Business hairstyle 3: Modern quiff

The quiff was, is and always will be one of the most popular haircuts for men – even at work. This homage to the Pompadour cut from the 1950s is characterized by its significantly styled upper lengths, while the sides and the back are shaved to just fractions of an inch. Given its versatility, a quiff can work with short or long hair. Modern quiffs can also be rocked with both severe, dramatic undercuts and smoother, graduated sides. Choose your option based on how conservative you need to look at work. Style your quiff based on the volume and texture of your hair.

Tip: Longer hair can create a voluminous quiff, but even a short quiff makes a cool style statement. When styling with a pomade or wax, be sure to spread the product evenly by running your fingers through your hair from the front to the back. This will give the hair a natural, structured look.

Business hairstyle 4: Slicked back undercut

Man with slicked back undercut hairstyle

Similar to the quiff, this hairstyle features short sides and long hair on top – only this time the hair is styled straight backwards. For the look to work, the upper hair must be at least two-and-a-half inches long so that it stays slicked back.

Despite its simplicity, the slicked back undercut is very versatile and is therefore suitable for all hair types – except curly hair. Tip: Keep your style in place with a pomade that provides strong or medium hold.

Business hairstyle 5: Side-swept hair

The side swept hairstyle creates a casual, elegant look. A classic style – with a little chaos thrown in – is perfect for laid-back types, or those working in less conservative jobs. It works especially well on smooth or slightly wavy hair that can easily be styled to the side with a little product. This cut is “business casual” at its best – try wearing the look with a cashmere sweater and comfortable jeans.

Men with thinner hair can use volumizing powder to provide body or use a volumizing shampoo prior to styling.

Business hairstyle 6: Ivy League haircut

Also known as the Princeton haircut or Harvard clip, the Ivy League haircut promises success, as the name suggests. This haircut is a combination of the crew cut and side swept hair, so it needs the same key ingredients: Short sides, longer hair on top.

But in contrast, the Ivy League features hair on top that is long enough to be side-parted and combed to one side. This means versatile styling and a look that will suit a variety of men.