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Men’s 2015 Hairstyle Trends plus Styling Tips

Long hair, gel-styled hair, and beards have been popular with men for decades. Today, fresh variations of these styles are in fashion. As long as men’s hairstyles are simple and versatile they will have staying power. We show today’s hairstyles for men along with fashion highlights

At the Moda Uomo in Milan designers showcase the newest fashions and popular hairstyles for guys. We wonder what the 2015 trends will be.

Key Elements of Trendy 2015 Hairstyles for Men
Convey Smart Sportiness and Simple Elegance!

Hairstyle without suitable outfit? Both are two equally important aspects of fashion and lifestyle. Today, men and women will raid each other’s wardrobe for practical and interesting items to wear. Long gone are the prejudices decrying men with long hair as ‘feminine’ or socially unacceptable. In the 21st century, young men do not hesitate to dye or curl their hair and wear jewellery as well as men’s handbags.

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Gallery: Hairstyle and Fashion Trends for Men in 2015

Casual, retro-style, and extravagant: Gel-styled hair in 2015

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Three different ways to gel-style hair

As in the years before, using gel to style hair is common practice for men in 2015. However, the created hairstyles vary greatly.

Casual (left): Quite often, hairstyles created with the help of gel have an elegant touch. However, styling details can change the slick nature of gelled hair. Apply a pea-sized dollop of gel to your hair and comb your hair back without combing the hair ends. Apply a flexible hair band and twirl the hair ends upward. This combines sleek and undone styling elements.

Retro-Style (centre):
James Dean is the styling model for many men. His gelled hairstyle has a comeback in 2015. Characteristic of this retro-style are a low side parting, short side hair and top hair, which is accurately styled with gel.

Extravagant (right): Sleeked back hair leaves the focus on the facial expressions. Combed back, gel-styled hair suits both distinctive and soft faces. Wet hairstyles look sassy if you gather the ends of a small portion of hair and shape it into a protruding dovetail (shown at the Les Hommes Show in Milan).