Hair Styling | Hairstyle Trends 2018

Trend update: Stylish short styles getting us excited for 2018

Got long hair, and looking for a big change? Now could be the perfect time to go for the chop. Short hair is going to be one of the biggest trends of 2018. Meet some gorgeous short cuts that have major trend potential

A short haircut is the best thing that can happen to your hair right now. Going short can completely transform your look – and short hair is a trend that is set to continue well into 2018. So: Exactly which short styles are set to be the hottest trends? We scouted Fashion Weeks from Paris to New York to uncover the best and most beautiful styles to inspire you.  

The biggest short hair trends of 2018

The bravest out there can make the bold leap to a buzz cut in 2018. Shorn locks on women were already making waves in 2017. Besides a radical all-over buzz cut, you could play with this trend with a slightly softer version, where the hair is very short – but not actually shaved. Important: For this look, you need a perfectly formed head, without dents or scars! Other androgynous short looks are also very on trend – like the dandy look, or the pageboy with super-stylish, angled micro-bangs.


The Bob – in all its incarnations – is still very much in style. The latest bob trends include two long bobs: the choppy lob and the tousled lob. In 2018, the bob will be rising higher, up to chin level, with straight lines and a center part. This clean look works best with smooth, straight hair. The pixie cut is also riding the short-hair trend wave. Try it with a side part and angled bangs, keeping the latter blunt and edgy – instead of the old favorite soft and side-swept look – to achieve a look that’s 2018-cool.

Styling 2018’s trend crops

Regardless of which short look you choose, here’s the universal key to styling it: Use small quantities of styling products, and don’t work too much gel or wax into your short do. The best short styles of 2018 feature movement and a natural finish. Too much product can make hair look stiff and unstylish. Tip: Start with less product than you think you need, and, if necessary, work in more as you go. 

Our picks: The most stylish short dos for 2018